Facebook SEO Tips

Despite the growth and growing popularity of YouTube and Instagram, Facebook is still the largest social network. Currently, Facebook has 2.37 billion active users per month, 2.1 billion of whom use the social network every day. Today, Facebook is the only social media channel used by more than 80% of all companies. These are impressive figures, both in terms of potential reach and competition.

The potential of having your own Facebook page is huge. However, the competition is also aware of this and may take care of their Facebook presence on a daily basis. What does that look like for you? What is the ranking of your Facebook page? Does Google recognize your social signals? Do you use the right keywords? Too many questions you haven’t thought about yet? Don’t worry!

In this article, we’ll give you seven tips that will boost your Facebook page and SEO. Let’s go!

Tip 1: The title

When it comes to SEO, the title of a website is important. The same applies to the Facebook fan page. Choose the best title for your fan page and don’t change it anymore. Think of a unique name with recognition value instead of stiffening yourself with keywords in the title. Despite the temptation to fill your page title with upgrading general keywords like “Best travel agency in the world: Berlin, Tara – hotels, flights and more”, we advise you against it, because this approach will do more harm to your page on Facebook than provide for higher visibility.

Tip 2: URL (Facebook username) for the page

Facebook has recently introduced the ability to select a vanity URL (Facebook calls it a “username”) for your Facebook page (one of the most important SEO options on Facebook). When you select a Facebook username for your page, the URL of your page becomes www.facebook.com / Username.

Facebook usernames offer companies a better option to use universal keywords for SEO purposes than the page name. While Facebook has created a black list of common usernames that pages and users prevent from registering, companies still have the option of getting relatively universal usernames that combine your real name with additional common keywords.

Note: To minimize blocking of Facebook usernames, your site must have at least 100 fans before a username can be selected. If your site has fewer than 100 fans, you will need to win more fans before you can take advantage of this important search engine optimization measure.

Tip 3: The Tabs

The tabs are a sub-navigation in the Facebook fan page. These are the fields to the left of the Facebook wall. The most commonly used tabs are: Information (Info), Photos & Videos.

Uses tabs to represent your business as well as possible. Some tabs are default. But you can also produce additional apps or your own apps and use them on the fan page. With these apps you can directly add more keywords to the start page of the fan page, depending on how you name the apps.

The tab “Info” is a must to place important keywords, texts and links at the top of your page. The tab “Info” actually represents the highest place in the CSS structure of the page to add custom text. It’s important to fill in the fields in the Info tab, as they allow you to add keywords and links that will increase your Facebook page’s content rating for many types of Google searches. This also affects visibility outside the network.

For example, address, city, state, and zip code are important fields for local search. Company overview, tasks and products are important fields for the product search. Note: The info field is limited to 250 characters. So choose your words carefully.

Tip 4: Publish direct links to your website or other relevant websites.

Status updates provide a powerful way to place direct links at the top of your site’s CSS structure. Google also considers the number of backlinks on your Facebook page, i.e. the number of links pointing to relevant websites. A backlink can also be a link in a status update. Then this is a powerful and authentic way to increase the link score of your Facebook page.

Tip 5: Interactivity

Interactivity and traffic are very important on Facebook or Facebook SEO. Write posts that encourage fans of your site to post comments. At the end of your posts, ask questions to your community to encourage discussion. When fans comment on newsfeed posts, the link to the page increases disproportionately due to the counterlink. Many profile pages are indexed by Google and the importance of the page increases accordingly. A popular fan site differs in more content, more interactions and consequently more fans.

Tip 6: Contributions, events, and discussion forum

Another important factor is photos with captions, events with descriptions and discussion forums. For search engine optimization, images are deliberately tagged with an Alt and Title tag.

It is very important to always share exciting content on your Facebook page and use all descriptive fields. Use detailed descriptions (including many keywords) when posting photos.

Tip 7: Verify Facebook Page

By verifying your Facebook page, it will appear more serious and it will gain prominence in the Facebook search. Now you’re wondering how to verify a Facebook page?

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Open your Facebook page
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “General”
  • Click on “Confirmation”
  • A window with a phone number field appears. You have to enter the company number and click on “Call me now”.
  • The call will arrive within a few minutes and a code will be dictated to you. You have to enter this code in the code field. Then the verification is done!